Infinite Number Poems


by Liz

Musings of a Mathematician
Note: the number of letters in each word of this poem represents a digit of pi, beginning with 314. The sound O represents the digit 0.

Why, π! Stop, π! Weird anomalies do behave badly!
You, madly conjured, imperfect, strange, numerical,
Why do you maintain this facade?
In finite time you are barbaric!
You do wonders, mesmerize minds!
O, do elements numerous have a beautiful meaning-
A system isolating all mysteries, solutions for puzzles, chaos, a
O snafu apparent in O Universal Concept from believing lies?
That there, obstinate in you, O Strange Constant,
A Divine Sign O exists is unlikely unless
Is O revealed Something Brilliant, negating belief!
In formulas, O, you show yourself in Greek and math as a π forever--
O hidden wonders absconded, infinite, in a tiny constant, O, sneakily, rather?
Never, I say!

A Scientific American's Dilemma

Hubble saw the universe expanding
Watson and Crick found life's start
Einstein sensed relativity
While surgeons transplanted a heart.

Electrons exchange and release energy
So Schrodinger's cat can meow
Simultaneously its life is lost-
Quantum mechanics will say how.

Chaos and order are intertwined
Physically, mentally, and more,
Maybe matter is vibrating strings
But how could one know for sure?

This philosophy called science
Has plausibly progressed
But after a Grand Theory comes about
Can there be any more significant success?

And if a Grand Theory were proposed,
Unifying all that exists,
Would the end of pi be found as well,
Or has math become eclipsed?

"A mathematician who is not also something of a poet will never be a complete mathematician.-- Karl Weierstrass


I am a pious person
I read the pi folklore
And every week I memorize
Just one digit more

I simply cannot recognize
The pattern in that string
Of undecipherable words or worse-
Simple random counting

I cannot square a circle
So how can I transcend
The geniuses who came before?
My quest will never end.

But let me see just one more place
Or find another use
For this irrationality
But why? I can't deduce.

A Pi Lymeric

There once was a number Pi
Very special like e and phi
Circumference to d
Is the ratio for me
And it's not a multiple of i

"The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than Man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in mathematics as surely as poetry."--Bertrand Russell

Slices of Pi

No one will find a pattern in pi
This number has come out of nowhere
All one can do is close a book and sigh

You should be able to tell with your eye
A rhythym here isn't fair
No one will find a pattern in pi

It does seem logical that a pattern does lie
In a number so vast and rare
But many things have a way of making one sigh

This number can make a simple brain fry
Though there are those who don't care
And don't give it a thought or a sigh!

So, many a person will surely try
There are many who have dared
But no one will find a pattern in pi

A bottomless pit, unconquered and dry
An unexplainable tear
A satisfactory conclusion is a sigh
Since no one will find the (do you see it?) the pattern in pi...

big pi

Math Rap

If I gave you a 3
and a 1,4,1,5
You'd have the start
Of the greatest number alive

If Pi were reduced
To a mere 3
The circles of the world
Would be hexagonal, you see

What may seem minor
Just might be big
So grab some pie
And do some trig!

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."-- Albert Einstein

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